The Best Friend Necklace: Find Your Perfect Match

The Best Friend Necklace: Find Your Perfect Match

Are you looking for the perfect friendship necklace to share with your best friend? Friendship  jewellery is a beautiful way of showing that you and your bestie belong together! We have the perfect pendant if you want to split hearts with your bff but also other alternatives if you want a more subtle friendship necklace.

In the 90’s one big jewellery trend was to buy a friendshipnnecklace with a charm in the shape of a heart. The heart could be split in two and you wore one broken half and your friend wore the other. Now the trend is back and works for both kids, teenagers and adults because of a more modern and clean design. Here is the perfect gift for you and your friend to share as a symbol of your friendship.


Here are 3 friendship symbols

A friendship jewellery can come in different shapes. The most traditional, and the friendship necklace you might think of is the one with the classic heart pendant, from the 90’s. If you want something else that doesn't remind you of your bff from school, we have a selection of friendship necklaces that might not be as obvious as the shared heart but still a beautiful symbol of your friendship. Here are some alternatives for you to share with one or several of your closest friends. The traditional heart pendant is still a big favourite among teenagers, both friends and couples, that want jewellery that symbols their relationship. But our alternative suits both kids, teenagers and grown ups thanks to the minimalistic and timeless design. Here are our suggestions for the ultimate Best friend necklace, which one is your favourite?